Saturday 4 September 2010

Following Jesus in life and word

Today I had a speech in our church and I spoke about the Daily Discipleship and it was about the quite time and prayer. This is the topic that I've been teaching in cmtc course in cbs. And many people today knew what is quite time and how to have quite time and decided to spend their quite time daily. I thank you Lord for everything you are leading me through.
I am your servent please use me as much as I can bear all the load you want me to carry for you.

Friday 3 September 2010

I have something to do

These days I am little bit busy with church ministry and some work in NBCBS.
I have been taking some classes in CMTC. This so nice to talk about faith and among the youth.

This is so wonderful to hide inside Him

Dear lord thank you very much for your love and grace upon me. This is something that nobody can understand that why you love the same "LOVE" for everyone, not only to whom you love but to everyone. And I am the most luckiest one that I knew you and can he happy with you everytime.

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Back with my own ........

I had never thought that I would have this time after coming back from Norway. Everything seems not normal and I have started being busy very much with few things done at last. I am missing Norway so much. My every single past time that I had spent there. But I am very much thankful to God who placed me (moved) to see the things different and make me do different and learn. I went and learned and this is time to become. But i can see very many chalanges infront of me. Please pray for me. Despite of my study I have so much to to for church ministry and also for NBCBS.

Sunday 23 May 2010

One week back to our practise plaace ( Kristiansand)

It's our one week back visit to our practise place (internship place) Kristiansand. We came here on 19th of June and we had visit the next day early in the morning to Denmark with our mentor. And since then we are having very good time and rushing hours meeting friends and lots of invitations. On friday we went to our beloved place Shalam and have a good talk with all of them and on the very eve. Ostine one of our very good and so good friend took us to him and we really had very good food and fellowship. On Saturday we then met our staff on Laget who is on her leave due to her birth to new beautiful daughter Mia and on same day we again invited by our only caring and colse Nils Yakub and there too we had our kind of spicy food and again in the evening agin formar Hald student Kjtel invited us to his house and again we had very good time with him with games and we wathed the football. So this is what we are doing here right now. We are really missing so many friends over here. I am afraid if we are not able to meet all of our friends here.

Friday 21 May 2010

visit to Denmark

I believe in God and his glory. It was so nice time yesterday in Denmark. It was like things happened at last and I thank God for this because I had almost gave up my hope to visit to Denmark but the Lord is great we got wonderful time together with great person Asbion and Mia Vorland, our mentor. Whom I would like to call a living stone. They have offered their life for shake of His kingdom. They had been a missionary to Nepal through Tibiten mission more than 40 years and still they are not tired. Before some months they were awarded (both couple) by the King of Norway a medal as a appreciation where they didn't fail to mention their energetic heart for mission work though they are quite old in physical body. So I am saying this was my great privilege to be with them.
And Denmark was really so beautiful land without any hills and mountain though. I really loved the place. We were in a place called Allberg. We visited a zoo there and some of the places around. It was possible only because of the Vorland.I am really so much thankful to them and to my beloved heavenly father.

Monday 17 May 2010

17th of May a garnd Day

It was so exciting day all over the Norway. The seventeenth of May. Independent day for the Norway. It is one of the garnd event in Norway. And this is first time I have enjoyed the National day celebartion. Very mcuh inspiring. The love towards the Nation, proud of bing Norwgian, even I felt it while marching for cheer carrying the Norwegian flag.
Especially the children enjoys in this imortant day and all the peoples come out of their houses. The unity of the peopls also indicate how

Tuesday 4 May 2010

My internships

As a exchanged student and program set we were sent out for the sid months internship in place called Kristiasand. The entire stay in Norway has been unforgatable for me. It was hard to leave Kristiansand. I have so much love in my heart for Norway. We have got so many friend there. The extreme winter this year was unforgateble.
Our bible stuty group,Kia international choir,prayer meeting in UIA and skies camps,Easter camps,fellowship in state church,walking over the frozen ocean etc were some of the exciting and unforgateble time in Kristiansand. But for one week soon we are going back to kristiansand.

Monday 8 March 2010

Today in Universtiy

As I have already mentioned about the prayer meeting. Today I was together with the other fellow student praying together our usual topic 'mission', She read Isaiah 6:8 and suddenly I remembered the word that was spoken to me in Blutour. This was the same verse that I heard and I realized why I am so excited to go back and serve those who are hidden and lost in my place. Then I told everyone to pray for me and the third time in my life I felt I was forced to pronounce something that I don't understand my tongue was jut moving and I was speaking. I felt so happy and relief. I think Lord is speaking to me and he want to use me. I surrender you all. My lord you are the ruler of my life.

Friday 5 March 2010

Walking with Jesus my words...

Paul and Peter are my one of my best model for my life I can say. When ever I see my life turning back and I see that sorts of unstability in my thoughts and decision and then I feels like being Peter. Unstable. And when I move forward and struggle with the the sin around and as Paul has said in Roman 7:7-25. (In Nepali Bible it is written struggle with sin) I feel exactly like the Paul and sometime it even makes me pull back. But Despite of this I am crawling always forward and I am really thankful to God that now I am in the best time with the God that I have ever experienced in my life. I can feel that joy inside me, the presence of The Holy Spirit. I can truely feel his loves on my life. I hope the verse above is encouragement for everone of us. So I am just putting it down.

Law and Sin (Struggle with sin in Nepali)
Shall we say, then, that the Law itself is sinful? Of course not! But it was the Law that made me know what sin is. If the law had not said, "Do not desire what belongs to someone else," I would not have known such a desire. But by means of that commandment sin found its chance to stir up all kinds of selfish desires in me. Apart from law, sin is a dead thing. I myself was once alive apart from law; but when the commandment came, sin sprang to life, and I died. And the commandment which was meant to bring life, in my case brought death. Sin found its chance, and by means of the commandment it deceived me and killed me.
So then, the Law itself is holy, and the commandment is holy, right, and good. But does this mean that what is good caused my death? By no means! It was sin that did it; by using what is good, sin brought death to me, in order that its true nature as sin might be revealed. And so, by means of the commandment sin is shown to be even more terribly sinful.
The Conflict in Man
We know that the Law is spiritual; but I am a mortal man, sold as a slave to sin. I do not understand what I do; for I don't do what I would like to do, but instead I do what I hate. Since what I do is what I don't want to do, this shows that I agree that the Law is right. So Ia am not really the one who does this thing; rather it is the sin that lives in me. I know that good does not live in me-that is, in my human nature. For even though the desire to do good is in me, I am not able to do it. Idon't do the good I want to do; instead, I do the evil that I do not want to do. If I do what I don't want to do, this means that I am no longer the one who does it; instead, it is the sin that lives in me.
So I find that this law is at work; when I want to do what is good, what inner being delights in the law of God. But I see a different law at work in my body-a law that fights against the law which my mind approves of. It makes me a prisoner to the law of sin which is at work in my body. What an unhappy man I am! Who will rescue me form this body that is taking me to death? Thanks be to God, who does this through our Lord Jesus Christ!
This, then, is my condition; on my won I can serve God's law only with my mind, while my human nature serves the law of sin.

I am really thankful to the God who is always near me when I am in difficult time. I love my dearst pappa in Heaven who loves me more than anything in the world. Holy Spirit come to me be with me. Amen
Your loving son

Tuesday 2 March 2010

From the core of my heart

God you know me better than anything else in the world. You have known me before I was imaged in my mother womb. You know my futer and past. This true that I have heart for you and I remember just now someone have told me "I am no other than human being" so I have many weakneses in my life mistakes in my decisions. Lord you know me please let you make according to the will of you, make me strong I want to surrender to you all. I know you have given us the freedom of our will. Even you can't control upon our will. But if I am not able to decide the good things and make foolish decisions than I never want that sorts of freedom of my will. My father you are only one who can understand me without any explanation. So please hold me on you. Help me to surrender me on you. Help me to build up me my future along with you. Lord let me parise you overall my life. This my prayer to you form the bottom of my heart. My dearest pappa in heaven I love you as you love me. Help me please.
Your dearest son.

Saturday 20 February 2010

Thursday 18 February 2010

In brief

I am back for new update

It has been long days that I haven't posted anything in my blog but since I came to know that many people are reading my blog, I have decided to write my blog and update again. There are actually many changes and event that are important for me went, passby. Like in in January we were back all the international studets once again and happy and cheerful being together of our infield course. After that I am having a good time in Laget in Kristiansand. We have been geting many chances to be involved in students activities here. Since new year we have started a combined prayer meeting in Agdar University with another student organization in Norway called New Generation. And it has been always encouraging prayer meeting everyday, where we have different prayer topic everyday. We are responsible for everymonday together with two beautiful lady Inger Mei and Sigrid from New Generation. Our prayer is going stronger and stronger. We believ that our answer has been answered. Everyday students are joining our prayer meeting and we are getting new empowerment from here. we praise lord for this and I would like to request you to pray for our prayer meeting personally.

Thursday 3 December 2009

Many things are changing....

It is almost three months here that I spent my time away form home in the other part of the globe. Many things are added in diary of my life. Some are incredible for me and some are unforgetable. But among all of these is the grace of my loving brother Jesus and the amazing grace and love by heavenly father. I can't explain his love towards me. Thak you lord for this wonderful love. .....

Wednesday 4 November 2009

I don't what to say but .....

Yesaterday.. we were returning back from the school meeting it was the really nice preaching by one of the teacher from the Philadelphia. For the first time in Norway i was able to listen those teaching in school that even I have not experienced in the Church. It was really great. And two of the student offered thier life in Christ. It was amazing. I came to know that those kind of preaching was abit unusual in the school. Any way i felt the chellenge from that action actually. Because I realized that there is revival also among youth in Norway,where many of the youth are destroying their life without knowing the Jesus,the truth and actual life. So it was a kind of strength for me and as well a good inspiration.
And the most unforgatable thing is this.... I think. So let me explain this as I can. It has changed my way of thinking about the people in Norway. I don't know it may be also the one of the mistry of many, in Norway like this country is amazing as I have mention already in my prvious posts. It is about the people I am writing now. I was totally shocked. I have never thouth that it happens. But the God is great.. He gave me this things to happen and make me feel that the people of Norway have the same heart like you have.
We were in the bus station after that wonderful school meeting ofcourse happy. It was raining and we started talking to our friend form office together in the meeting. Some of the people were just watching and quite as that was the normal reaction form the Norwegian people. So we didn't care for them and we just countinued on talking and i started some sentences in Norske i told something like i was laying in the bed .. so late this morning in Norske.. but i was not so much correct but near and the friend who corrected me was also not axectly near and the old women near was was just smiling from the begining of our conversation just corrected us. And she spoke English so fluent. And she told she was the teacher. I was really happy that someone other got involved in our conversation. She was really good women we chat for some time and she told me you speak English so well how you learned it.. and i expalined in brief telling English is just like antonyms for us but I learnt it in school coz I studied in English school. So after a couple of min. we entered into the bus and even there we just kept on talking in that packed bus but everyone were silent. And that old women took the seat some seat behind us but due to the lack of the seat we were standing. And in the conversation I had almost forgot the women and it was near the stop where i had to get off and my friends got off and i was very near to the door of the bus suddenly someone caught my hand I was surprised and didn't gave attention to it I was jsut trying to leave but I felt something in my fist. And then I looked who was doing that but when I was that women I was really filled with some kind of feeling of love and i was really touched. I felt yes they not only talk but care too.As we foreigner form hot culture blame the cold culture they are not relationship oriented but i was was made failed by that old women. In that very short moment she care but me from my culture almost forget her thinkin that it was just the event someone talked to me. And the most unforgatable thing about her for me that she not only hold my hand but put some money into my feast hiding as she told just have your lunch with your fren. So that was the most amazing and surprising thigs for me.It was unbealivable.I refused to take that when i saw what she put on my feat. But bus was about to leave. And she forced in the the way not like in western way (Norwegian way).So I was just speachless. I was totally speachless and my eyes filled with the tear... my throad..became so a kind of blocked and I could not talk my friend asked me what happened? But I just told nothing. If I were some where other then of corse i could not stop me to cry. The whole day i was just thinkin about her. And i have planned to visit her but how???? I know her Church but i may not recognize her but I really want to meet her. This the another thing God lead me to know about here in Norway. I am really thankful to Lord and that women of course not due to she gave me money but tha way she showed her love towards me and the care.... I don't know what to say the next... But God I pray let you give the same heart to other as you have in you... like that old women..
I still don't know what to say....
Hilsen Rajen...

Saturday 31 October 2009

Find more music like this on Kurseong Social Network

These are the Nepali song one is Christian and next is love song... enjoy listening it !!!

Monday 26 October 2009

The next surprise I got i think you need to read it!!!!

It was one of the most unknown fact that I ever had thought about he Norway. I am still shocked with it. May be our last year's friend didn't informed us about it to make us feel in real. It was the Sunday i got up at something around 10 in the morning and we had promised Aanka one of the Norwegian friends to go with her to her church and the time to meet was fixed in 10:10 so i was wondering Oh! swe are late and i told Devendra that we are getting late. But he told what? Coz he was the clock in his mobile it is just 9 my fren he told me.But i just went late for everthing and he told me to prepare something so i started to make snacks for us again we talked about the time and he went inside his room and saw his watch and he shouted Oh!no it is 10 what to do.. and he called Aanka if she is coming or not. She told she is coming and i told him to ask at what time. And she spoke the same time. But he asked what time is it now and she spoke it is half past nine. But we were still shocked what happened to our watch???? And in hurry I finished preparing but we were so late to eat the snack so sadly we had to leave it. And in hurry we went to meet her.And we drove with her.
We talked about the time and she told it may happens sometimes. And we made a littlebit joke about it.But i was watching the clock ih her car it was matching with my wrist watch. But i didn't told her. It was nice Church meeting in the Penticostal church in Norway.And i feel like i am in Nepal.So it was nice to be together with many people and they welcomed us so warmly that we forgot the wetness of the rain.And we returned. In the evenig we joined the special program with lots of International people and different churches in Norway. It was organized by the Kia. And i was there too singing with the Choir. So we did the nice things there.And that very day i got the CD we recently recorded.I was very eger and looking forward to listen the music coz me too have recorded my voice there,reading Psalm 117:1-2 in Nepali language. And the songs as well.I was happy to get one CD free.
And Monday went office and finished the editing the movie that i had taken form the small plane and some form the Kia while recording the music songs.So i had worked hard to make that because the problem was the language of the computer in Norske. But anyway i did it and happy to watch it and show all but i really worked hard to make it coz i had got lots of stress while editing it.One of the reason was i spent my whole night to edit it and finished. And went to bed in the early morning. And the next day when i open it there were no any vedio but only the animeted sentences..So anyway today (monday) i sorted that problem and saved the vedio.
In the afternoon at 4pm we gather for our language class. Met the ohter frens from Hald and Ohn and Dob form Laos asked me did you made your watch. First I didn't got them because the problem in the conversation and they wrote for me. I was just wondering what they are talking about. But when I read it I suddenly rememberd the problem with my watch.So a big laughter broke out form me. Then i got the actual problem. Oh !! Oh !! it was the shocking another fact a Amazing fact of the Norway as I have mention above. Yes ofcoure it was the time that goes an hour late back. And the computer and the mobile in Norway had automatic update.So from them i came to know that every winter the time in Norway goes an hour late.Isn't is the Surprise ???? that had happend on the 24 of October Saturday midnight..
Ha ha ha ha .. let me see what othre surprise i am going to collect form Norway..
Thank you lord for everthing..God is great evertime.Everytime God is great !!!!

Sunday 25 October 2009

साथीहरुसंगको रमाइलो र केही मनका तीता अनुभवहरु .

क्रिस्टिंसनमा हाम्रो बसाई एकदम रमाइलो भैराखेको छ। बिसेस गरी हामीले यहाँ राम्रो समय पाएकाछौ। शालेमको त्यो स्वयेमस्वेवक भई ड्रग एडिकट् र गरीब मानिसहरुलाई खाना बाडन पाउदा अति खुसी लग्छा किनकी नर्बेको त्यो अर्को रूप पानी हामीले हेर्न पाएकाछौ। नर्बेमा पानी तयस्ता मानिसहरु छन जो खानालाई भोका छन , भिविन्ना आवश्कताहरु बाट घुझारी रहेका छन। र बिसेस प्रमेशवोरको मायाको भोका छन। यिनीहरु यो माथिको चुरोटको धुवा संगै र यो चित्र जस्तै आफैलाई छाताछुल्ला बनाइ राखेका छन। शालेंममा आउने प्राय मानिस हरु यस्तै लाग्छन।

म यी नर्बेली मानिसहरुको लगी निरंतर प्राथना गरिरहन्छु। म यी सबै मानिस हरु येसुमा बाचेको चाहन्छु। यहाँका युबाहरु देखि म अति चिंतित छु चुरोटको धुवा र एक्लोपनले यिनीहरु आफ्नो जीवनलाबर्बाद बनाई राखेका छन। प्रभु यिनीहरुको हृदयमा बोल्नुहुस , छुनुहोस र निको तुल्यानुहोस आमेंन ।

Monday 19 October 2009

नर्बेमा मेरो समयहरु

khai ke bhannu ra ? kahile kahi ta yasto lagchha ki yaha basnu sarai aaftaro rahechha kinabhane Norbegianharu khali Norbeli bhasa matrai bolna manparuchhan.

धरै कुरा हरु मेरो मस्तिस्क छन

I don't know why i feel sometime so upset to be here in Norway. It is because of the language. I ask myself why Norwegian love to speak only the Norwegian languge though they are very good at English.It happens especilly while gathering and they only speak their language. And we have to be just the audience.We never can get the any meaning at all. At least they can explain some words in English.But i know they are really good in everyting.And it is important for me to learn the language and culture here and manymore aswell.It seems sometimes like killing someone in the name of learnig to swim and diving into ocean and somebody just look at the drowning one.But anyway i am so happy to experience the different culture.Totally the different one form the Nepal.And i think i must mention the spritual life of the Norwegian people is totally different. And they have less time to gather for the fellowship together.People here are very much privete even in the christian life.

Tuesday 13 October 2009

The exciting events of my life in Kristiansand Norway !!!!

It is only God that I believe that he has a great plan in my life to get to know the more good new things in my life।As i am here in Kristiansand and i can't say how happy to be here.Because i have many more things that my dream come true.Like one of them was to record the mucic in the music studio which we are going to do on this friday.It does carry a much more meaningful things in my life to be here with the international choir and record the songs in the studio which actully my dream as I am so much interested in the mucic. And befor some day ago that was on friday,we went to the school camp for three day almost but the mentionable things there was the Rafting which was really exciting and first time in my life.But most exciting one is today's fly in the small plane that carries only two people.And that lucky guy was not other than Debu and me. Yes we flew for the half an hour around the Kristiansand.It is one of the unforgatable moment of my life and i am happy to film from the sky.I am so happy.So it was possible only by the help of Niels Yakub our close friend in need here in Kristiansand and ofcourse our team of laget,Esp Bendik. He help and supported us for our fly and even gave the video camera and equally thankful to Helena and Ruth Siliya.And all NBCBS and our church and family in Nepal.Because their prayer is with us in our every success.And most importand I have already mention is the grace of our lord upon us.Thank you Jesus. Because you are so wonderful and can make our life wonderful too.....म साँच्चै खुशी छू । पर्मेशोवेरले मलाई साँच्चैनै राम्रो समयाहरू दिनु भाको छ। उहालाई धन्यबाद होस।

Tuesday 22 September 2009

The things you musn't miss in Norway The Vigelandsparken !!!!!

It is the most famous Park in Norway which definetly attraks the tourists in Norway. We can not judge the artistic work by the Viegeland without visting the park it self by ourself.